Prof. Maria Rita Gismondo, director of CLIMVIB (Milan, Italy):

“We have worked with Martien several times and he has always been a professional and very reliable partner. His knowledge and competence as trainer in the field of biorisk management have led to successful professional collaborations and fruitful work experiences. Indeed, he participated to four editions of our annual Laboratory Biosafety Training Course, and we sincerely hope he will continue to join us in Milan on a regular basis!”


Tomas Dropa, MSc. Director of National Institute for NBC Protection (SUJCHBO) (Czech Republic):

“Our professional relationship with Martien started in 2006. Since then we have cooperated in dozens of CB(RN) projects, mainly focused on testing of protective equipment and decontamination devices, including evaluation of their efficiency and working parameters. On several occasions, Martien worked with us as a coordinator and lecturer in CBRN training courses organized for participants from all over the world. Martien, with his straightforward and fully motivated personality, always showed excellent communication skills, organizational abilities and outstanding expertise. All mentioned make Martien a reliable and highly valuable business partner.”


René Olivier, chemical engineer at TNO (the Netherlands): 

“Martien has an open mind and is one of the most honest persons I know. He always shows a lot of empathy towards other people and their problems or questions be it in work or on a personal level. Of course these characteristics also show within his work relationships either as a project leader/consultant or as a co-worker or as a client.
One can always depend on his professional judgement. You can trust his work to be accurate and solid. He is a team player as well as an inspiring project leader who knows to energize and motivate others with his empathy, concern and his management skills. Martien’s drive to achieve ambitious goals within his area of work and his ability to translate a particular (R&D or consultancy) problem into a well described and manageable project are impressive.”