About Marble

Marble ChemBio Consulting (short: MARBLE) was founded in 2010 by Martien Broekhuijsen.

MARBLE is a service provider in two main areas:

1)     CBRN protection

  • Testing and training using live chemical and biological agents
  • Threat analysis and general consultancy in CBRN protection

2)     Laboratory biosafety

  • Biosafety and biosecurity consultancy and services
  • Authorised biosafety officer BSL-3 / ML-III
  • Auditing, training, lecturing

MARBLE is actively cooperating
with several strategic partners, including:

The legal status of the company is B.V. (Dutch: Besloten Vennootschap, meaning a privately owned company with limited liability). The company is registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and is located in the Netherlands. Martien Broekhuijsen is the general director and the only shareholder.

About Martien

Martien Broekhuijsen studied Molecular Sciences at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands (NL) and obtained his master‘s degree with honor (cum laude). His major subjects were organic chemistry and molecular biology. He worked at TNO in Rijswijk (NL) for 28 years in the areas of Genetic Modification and CBRN Protection. During this time he was appointed biosafety officer.

Martien Broekhuijsen is a Biosafety Officer authorised by the Dutch government up to level BSL-3 / ML-III. He is also a content expert in the area of dangerous chemical and biological agents, having worked with these highly toxic and infectious agents during many years.

He worked at FOI in Sweden as a guest scientist for one year in the area of molecular identification of Francisella tularensis. He has been a guest lecturer in training courses at several universities in the Netherlands, at an EMBO course in South Africa, and in laboratory biosafety training courses at the University Hospital of Milan. Since 2015 he is involved in the design and validation of the laboratories in the new building for the Dutch national health institute RIVM.

In his spare time, Martien enjoys traveling, reading, badminton, music (he plays the guitar), and the company of his family and friends.

You can also visit the LinkedIn page of Martien Broekhuijsen.

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